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AET 562 Week 1 Individual Assignment Introduction to Social Learning

Create an Infographic to explain the fundamentals of social learning.


Select a tool to create your infographic.

Ten free tools are listed here:

Some guidelines for what makes an infographic great can be found here:

Examples can be found through a Google search or at Pinterest


Create an infographic on the subject of social learning that is designed to inspire your coworkers to get involved in social media for learning purposes. Imagine that it will be posted around your work place.

Research and include information related to the following:

Define/describe Web 2.0

Describe 3 benefits of social learning

List and debunk 5 myths (misconceptions) associated with social learning

Describe the relationship between social learning and formal learning.

How are they different?

How does one support the other?

Describe 3 social media tools and how they can be used for social learning.

Use workers at your place of employment (or one with which you are familiar) as your audience.

Include references as typically revealed on infographics. [If you don't know how this looks, Google it.]

Include graphics and color. As you review existing infographics, you will see that the "graphic" part of the name is important.


Submit a separate Word document with an APA-formatted reference list. Include references for images used.

 AET 562 Week 1 Individual Assignment Course Policies Quiz


Read the Course Policies document, found here and in the Main classroom; then, complete the attached quiz and submit.


This is pass/fail. A score of 70% or better earns 1 point. A score of 60% or less earns a score of zero.



AET 562 Week 2 Individual Assignment Collaborating Using Social Media

Download the Collaborating Using Social Media Worksheet. 


Choose one of the following options:


Option 1: Complete the "Collaborating Using Social Media" worksheet and submit in the Assignment Files tab




Option 2: Create a PowToon to share the required information. [See the "Collaborating Using Social Media" worksheet for required information.]

Choose the Vimeo option for publication.

Submit the link to your video in a Word document in the Assignment Files tab.

If you choose the PowToon option, be sure to build a References slide that is in APA format.

AET 562 Week 2 Learning Team Overview of Social Learning

Collaboratively select 4 social media tools that could be used for creating an effective social learning environment within an organization.

Write a 350- to 700-word document in which you describe what is meant by "social learning" and reveal and describe the four social media tools your team has selected. Your team will focus on these tools as you work toward completing the Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual, due in Week 6, so you may want to conduct a quick search to ensure that there is adequate reference material about them. 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.





AET 562 Week 3 Individual Assignment Identifying Blogs

Create a blog at Tumblr or Blogger or Weebly or another approved location and populate it with the following information:

Imagine that you have been tasked with compiling a list of five blogs that professional development trainers or educators at any level would find useful and relevant. Identify your audience. Will it be K-12 educators? Corporate Trainers? 

Search the Internet for five blogs that would be relevant to the audience you identified. One way to search for blogs is to type in keywords relevant to the audience you will focus on. For example, you may type in professional development for teachers or IT training for managers. You may be as broad or as specific as you would like.

In Part 1, you will: 

Describe what a blog is and how it is used, as well as describe/list advantages, disadvantages, and how blogs may be applied as training tools for knowledge creation and enhancement.

Discuss the audience of educators you defined and the importance of blogs and blog content to this group.

In Part II, you will:

Use the five blogs you identified and write a paragraph on the following for each blog: 

Brief description of each blog, including frequency of posts and timeliness

Summary of the type of content provided, including one to two examples of topics and how these are relevant to your audience

Level of engagement from audience members: Does the blog invite comments? What types of content are blog followers contributing? Are they asking questions? Are they adding to or advancing the dialogue?

Assessment of credibility and reliability of the blog: What are some indicators that this blog is reputable?

Reputation: How does a blog's content affect the blogger's online reputation? How do a reader's comments to a blog affect his or her online reputation?

In Part III, you will:

Offer best practices for those who are new to blogs; for example, how they might get started familiarizing themselves with blogs, selecting blogs to follow, and so forth.

Remember, you are in a digitial environment, so make good use of multimedia in your blog, adding images, links, and/or videos.

Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a link in a Word document. Include a References list in the Word document.




AET 562 Week 3 Learning Team Annotated Bibliography

Refer to the instructions for the Self-guided Social Media Training Manual and Complete an annotated bibliography for the Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual, due in Week 6. You are expected to deliver between 10 and 15 current (within the last 10 years) peer-reviewed resources.


Note: You can find a sample annotated bibliography in the University library.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


AET 562 Week 4 Individual Assignment Personal Learning Network

Your PLN is just that: a personal selection of resources that will directly benefit your professional development.

Search for 10 social media accounts to follow-such as those on Twitter®, Facebook®, Pinterest®, or LinkedIn®-as well as blogs, topic-specific communities, and so forth.

Report on each site, including the name of the account, the authors, a description of the account, the benefit of this account to your PLN, and a link to the account.  

Complete the Personal Learning Network (PLN) in LiveBinders. (Your final individual project will use either LiveBinders or Wikispaces and this is an opportunity to become familiar with the LiveBinders tool.)

In addition, conduct research and respond to the following questions (using APA formatted citations and references):

What is a PLN? Why is the careful selection of resources important to establishing your PLN?

What role do Twitter® and LinkedIn® play as social media tools? How can these channels benefit your professional development?

Can a PLN take the place of formal classroom training? Explain your response.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a link (with accompanying access codes if required) in an MS Word document.

AET 562 Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Individual Project Draft


Submit a rough draft of your final individual project.

If you have only gotten as far as a list of proposed elements in a Word document (an outline, a mind map, notes, or a list), submit that. If you have begun to populate your LiveBinder or your wiki, send along a link to that, along with any necessary access codes.


Your final project is worth 20% of your grade and I would like to have the opportunity to offer you early feedback on your proposed project. Regardless of the feedback, you will receive 5 points if you submit a draft.



 AET 562 Week 5 Learning Team Outline and Overview


Complete an outline and overview for the Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual, due in Week 6. 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Note: This is a two-part assignment consisting of the overview AND and an outline.



AET 562 Week 6 Individual Assignment Signature Assignment


Read the Signature Assignment: Digital Presentation Instructions and the Signature Assignment Guidelines.

Submit your assignment as directed by your facilitator.




AET 562 Week 6 Learning Team Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual and Presentation


Complete the Self-Guided Social Media Training Manual and Presentation.

Submit your assignment as directed by your facilitator.


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