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  • CUR 518 ENTIRE COURSE (2018)

CUR 518   ENTIRE COURSE (2018)


CUR 518 Week 1 Individual Assignment Cultural and Diversity Characteristics Map


Complete the Cultural and Diversity Characteristics Map. Follow the

instructions to describe yourself in the map.

Prepare a 500- to 700-word reflection in which you detail the findings of

your self-examination. Additionally, explore any significant multicultural

challenges or opportunities you have faced or encountered in an

educational, employment, and business environment. Include details

about how globalization has influenced those challenges and


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Note: Include your completed Cultural and Diversity Map along with

your word reflection.



CUR 518   Week 2 Individual Assignment  Rights, Diversity, and Adult Learning


Research the United States Civil Rights Movement and historical

foundations of international human rights law.

Review how international human rights law is incorporated into U.S.

laws and how it affects views of diversity and adult learning.

Create an infographic or some other visual representation that could be

used to present a documentary that covers the following information:

  • Major events and accomplishments of the American minorities'

freedom struggle, including how they are related to the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights

  • Civil versus political rights including freedom of expression,

association, and participation in the educational process

  • Details about whether human rights are universal, including cultural

relativity and human rights

  • Analysis of the relationship between affirmative action and diversity
  • Analysis of how the previous bullet points influence or affect adult





CUR 518  Week 2 Learning Team Charter



Work with your team members to complete the team charter.

Finalize your Learning Team Charter.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Learning Team Charter.

Note: This assignment is due on Sunday. This is not an error. All team

assignments for this class are due on Sunday. 








CUR 518   Week 3 Learning Team Common Values



Review the Common Cultural Values tool.

Create a graphic organizer that visually outlines both the positive and

negatives of the best methods or strategies used to identify common

core values among multicultural groups.

Include your references to support your findings.



CUR 518  Week 4 Individual Team Multiculturalism and Inclusion



Conduct research about theories of inclusion and multiculturalism.

Create an infographic or flowchart illustrating how to incorporate theory

or models into multiculturalism and inclusion practices for adult


Include at least three theories or models to support your illustration.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines






CUR 518  Week 5 Learning Team Identify Learning Styles and Generational Characteristics


The current workplace environment comprises four generations working

together: Baby Boomers, Generation "X," Generation "Y," and


Review the following scenario:

Our organization's leaders of XYZ Company have concluded that our

supervisors do not have the required skills to properly manage their

people. We believe our current supervisors' toolbox-such as web links

of useful management information, and links to self-help apps, and so

on-is not giving them the information they need (or at least maybe not

in a format or layout that delivers the message). Our organization's

leaders recent surveyed our employees and discovered that 85% of our

employees are unhappy with how they are supervised.

Complete the Learning Styles and Strategies Chart using the concept of

differentiated instruction to.

  • Describe and reflect on the different learners and learning styles at

XYZ Company based on research about the four generations in the


  • Identify the various learning styles of the generations and at least

five learning strategies for each one of the learning styles.

  • Additionally, describe how you might differentiate instruction for the

learning strategies you identify.

Write a 300-500 word memo in which you recommend two learning

strategies for each of the four generations' learning styles below.

Include your rationale for recommending the learning strategies, an

explanation of how to facilitate learning strategies, and an explanation

of how to engage adult learners in training.

Follow the Writing a Business Memo tutorial, located in the Center for

Writing Excellence's (CWE) Tutorials & Guides section, to help you

prepare your memo.

Click the Assignment tab to submit your Learning Styles and Strategies

Chart and memo.

SupportingMaterial:Learning Styles and Strategies ChartCollege of

Education ResourcesWriting a Business Memo TutorialGrading Form





CUR 518 Week 6 Learning Team Organization Diversity Planning Presentation




Choose an organization with which you are familiar, or select one from

the Internet that you have researched.

Locate information on your organization's diversity policy. You may

need to interview your organization's diversity officer or human

resources manager to obtain this information. If you are unable to find

or use information about your organization, you may research another

company's diversity policy.

Complete the Diversity Planning Grid. You may add blocks if you wish.

Your team wants to improve or create the organizational diversity

policies and provide an implementation plan for the company.

Create a 7- to 10-slide presentation or a brochure to demonstrate your

plan to the company's chief executive officer (CEO).

If you choose to create a brochure, you may click on the link for

Brochure Builder and follow the instructions to build your brochure.

Include the following components in your presentation or brochure:

  • Provide brief background information on your chosen organization.
  • Identify the organization's need for the diversity planning

improvement services.

  • Provide an outline of the proposed training or employee development


  • Identify legal issues and obstacles that this organization could


  • Provide management a recommended course of action.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Diversity Planning Grid

and presentation or brochure.

SupportingMaterial:Brochure BuilderDiversity Planning GridCollege of

Education ResourcesGrading Form


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